Captain EO

So on one of the Disney podcasts I was listening to the other day, they announced that Captain EO was coming back into the parks, replacing Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

I never saw Captain EO the one or two times I went to WDW when it was still there originally, just wasn’t interested…Didn’t care to wait for however long for a 17mins film starring (the late) Michael Jackson. I was more interested in getting my rear end on the rides. I’m still not overly a show person except for things like Fantasmic, which is my fave, even the Muppets in 3D I mostly go into to see Sweetums in person when he comes out as you sadly never see him in the parks.

It was rereleased in Disneyland a few months ago to ‘rave reviews’ and will be reopening in WDW very soon (July 2nd in Epcot it’s being reported) and then in DLRP June 12th and Tokyo Disneyland July1. So while we are at DLRP this July the family and I will definately check it out as it’d be a first for myself and my son. Don’t kill me but right now it sounds like another Moonwalker to me, but I’ll give it a shot.


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