11 Weeks Until DLRP!!

We’re hoping to get our ADRs booked today or tomorrow as we finally got around to sitting down and working out where we’d like to eat and when. Buffallo Bill’s is a must as we had such a nice time there the last time we went and now Mickey & Pals are in the show as well. I love it on a personal level, having been born and raised in Alabama I love all things Southern and this really hit the spot. You go in and are given a cowboy hat supporting one of the two or three color teams for later in the show. There was a bit of a showdown with some dueling banjos and a hotshot gunslinger. When we were seated the food was served in iron skillets and I got me some cold iced tea, even some corn bread. I loved the food!! The entertainment was great as well, our son really got into cheering for our team and was amazed with all the action going on right in front of him.

Cattle Drive

Innoventions is now a family FAVE for us. When we were there back in 2007 we decided to eat there based on all the hype it was given on the forums, etc. and it lived up to our expectations very much! The buffet had a WIDE choice of foods, even for our ever picky son. We had a lot of attention from the characters, didn’t have kids from other tables running up to them like they tend to do at Cafe Mickey. Chip, Dale, Pinocchio, Donald…all played with Gage (our son who was 4yrs old at the time…I think it was in 2007 we were at DLRP last) We even managed a photo with Mickey, Chip & Dale all together!! What a rare event!!

Mickey, Chip, Tara, Dale, Gage & Mark

We also always eat at Cafe Mickey’s as our little boy loves it there, it really is a kids restaurant I think. The menu is good for him and you see the characters a lot.  However, as we are there this year for our son’s 7th birthday we think we’ll do his birthday cake at Innoventions so he has more time with them as in Cafe Mickey’s you tend to get kids from other tables following them around and getting in on your time with them as well where as at Innoventions we never had this issue. We’ve been taking him to Cafe Mickey since he was a baby and he loves playing with the characters and having them help feed him and play hide & seek.

Gage & Chef Mickey

Luckey Nugget is also back on our list this year as we really enjoyed it there last time…ok except for the family that were sat next to us. We were all sat at a like ‘bar’ area instead of a table so we were all next to each other. They didn’t speak French or English, not sure what language they were using but if memory serves correct they were arguing items on their menu and were like refusing to pay, etc. That aside, as it was a ruccus going on next to us, we loved it. The food was lovely, the characters were very nice and attentive and Goofy got up on the stage and did a little performance.

Gage & Pinocchio

Goofy goofing off on stage

A new restaurant that we will be venturing into this trip will be Walt’s on Main Street USA. I saw this while we were looking at the list of menus at the park and after reading some reviews on it we thought…why not?! There were great reviews for it and although the listing said ‘child friendly…no’, others had taken their kids with pleasure and there are characters (although I think only for breakfast according to the park listing) and we found photos of kids in there with Mickey, so…we’re going with the kid. People say that its a great place to eat at during parade times as you can watch the parade go past from above and it apparently is a lovely sight. So we’re looking forward to this new treat.

Now its just a matter of getting my husband off Facebook in order to book them 😛


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