Being Stalked by Friar Tuck

When we went to DLRP (Disneyland Resort Paris) in September 2007, little did we know that a certain character would have it in for our family the whole time. This has been over two years ago so bare with me on my bad memory of when each ‘encounter’ happened but it all happened over a long weekend (4days) at DLRP, seemingly innocent enough to start but then it just got out of control! Sadly, we did not think about it enough to get a photo of me with the above named character until later when we were laughing about it…The names and faces of the innocent have been kept a secret for their own safety.
So as we’re in DLRP we love meeting & greeting various characters, hoping to see our favorite ones more than once while in the parks and hoping even more for ones we’ve yet to meet. One thing we didn’t count on was seeing the same character over and over again. It got down right creepy. He was in Cafe Mickey’s both times we ate there, he was at the Lucky Nugget when we had dinner there. He snuck onto the Character Express with the characters we were HOPING to meet. While at the Plaza Gardens for lunch Robin Hood came out and we said “if Friar Tuck comes out thats it” and sure enough there he is heading right for us!! He even took over a meet & greet with Minnie in the Disneyland Hotel as soon as we got in the line. He was everywhere! There was no escaping the Tuck! And everytime he gave me hugs and a pat on the head…looking back I wish I’d had my photo taken with him every single time we saw him are more hard evidence but we did not want to encourage this stalking. I even had nightmares about the Tuck coming after me!! Please hear my warning…beware Friar Tuck in DLRP!!

Friar Tuck @ Cafe Mickey

On the Character Express with BL & KJ

Hiding on the Character Express with TD & TD

At Plaza Garden

@ Cafe Mickey's

Character Express with 'G'

@ Lucky Nugget

(**obviously this is a TRUE story…no one was hurt during this vacation and Friar Tuck still roams free in the parks as a family favorite character…now all we can do is sit back and laugh of this event**)


One thought on “Being Stalked by Friar Tuck

  1. I have loved reading your blog. What a joy and with more things added i am sure to be looking in on this site and a big thankyou for putting my link on.
    Lots of love

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