Less than 10wks now!

Yes it is now just under the 10week mark until we hop aboard the EuroStar to take us to DLRP (Disneyland Resort Paris) and we are all so excited. Like when we went to WDW last October, we will be going to DLRP more informed about Disney than we were on our last trip back in 2007 before we were THIS involved with all the podcasts, blogs, news…all the inside goodies we are now addicted to!!

Gage w/ Mickey & Minnie 2007

Sadly there isn’t a podcast or anything like that for DLRP like there is for WDW…I found a British Disney podcast that Mark thought he’d heard of, but their last show was August of 2009…so I don’t think they are still airing….It just would be great to have all the inside info on our nearest park like we get for Orlando. I understand it’s a much smaller park and such but a lot of people go as it is closer and a lot cheaper for us on this side of the pond to travel to. Either way…on the hole we are much more informed and have found a new, deeper love and respect for all of Disney.

All three of us now have our AATM Mouseketeer numbers and our Neurotic Disney member numbers as well. šŸ™‚ Gage loved hearing his email read by Jonathan and Bryan at AATM when he requested his Mouseketeer rollcall number and is enjoying listening to all these podcasts with us even though I’m sure most of it goes over his little head.

Our ADRs are nearly all made, just have to call Buffallo Bills and Cafe Mickey to sort them out. We are having Gage’s birthday dinner at Innoventions and Mickey will be bringing him out a chocolate cake (he doesn’t know this yet though, it’s going to be a surprise, ssshhhhhh). Closer to time we’ll probably start planning out our days of where we want to be and parades, etc. We love parades!!

Mostly I’m hoping to get Gage on some rides that he’s now tall enough for, also I’m looking forward to all the food. I do love the Dinning Plan as it helps us to have proper sit down meals rather than counter-service all the time. Like last year at WDW, we’d have never eatten at Le Cellier w/out the Dinning Plan mostly due to price but also because we never thought we’d have time to sit and enjoy a proper 2/3 course sit down meal in between rides and such.

I’m looking forward to adding to my pin collection as well šŸ™‚ I’m not an avid collector, I just get things I like, fave characters, fave rides, etc. I also really like the VinylMations but they are too costly to start collecting and those you could get CRAZY with!!

I watched these yesterday and wanted to share…this first one is how they make the Minnie Mouse Candy Apples, my jaw just dropped when I watched this…
Making Minnie Mouse Candy Apples

And if you know me personally, you know my view on balloons…but this was nice šŸ™‚
Park Balloons


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