WOW! What a 24hrs & 9wks now!!

In the WDW Box

Why was I in a ‘box’ you ask?? Well I wasn’t LITERALLY in a box…I was in a live chatroom which was running alongside a live video feed from WDW with WDW Radio host Lou Mongello and entourage.  Lou was keeping his word and did a 24hr live broadcast from WDW. Ok so I wasn’t IN the box for the full 24hrs, I’ll admit it. We had our son’s little league opening day games and then went to my best mate’s house for a bbq but then come 8pm UK time (3pm in Florida) I was logged into the box. Lou carried all of us in the box around DHS for some of the SWW events, a throw down between the Carrot Cake Cookie and Butterfinger Cupcake…(CCC won btw!!) and a LOT of laughs!! About 11pm UK Mark and I took the lappies up to bed so we could be more comfy incase we did passout on our keyboards (thats why the photo of me is so dark, he took it with his iPhone while we were in bed).

It’s all such a mush to me now LMAO! After getting lost in what seemed like the hotel from the Shinning, we  went to the hotel room of one of the people in the group (sorry I forgot her name) and there found an angel made from a towel which insued into Mr Bill/Sluggo impressions while Lou gave the box (his laptop) a much needed charge. And we did get to see Il-LOU-minations thanks to Beci and her Droid because Lou kept having tech issues. And that was cool, I could finally watch some great fireworks without shoving my fingers into my eardrums! Eventually about 230am-ish I had to take a nap…4 1/3hrs LATER, I woke back up to hear about Steve wolfing down a Kitchen Sink in just 17MINS!! I don’t know how deep of a sleep I got because I could still hear the feed from Mark’s computer from time to time with all the laughing and talking, but just could not wake back up.

I woke up to find Lou & Co. in the solarium of the Beach Club chilling, getting a bit slap happy and entertaining us folks still in the box. LMAO and of course there was Olga!! (you HAD to be there for that, there’s no point in me trying to explain). Lou disappointed me when we were trying to get him to do the Truffle Shuffle and he admitted he did not know what that was!! 😦

Before we knew it, it was time for breakfast and we were taken on a walk down the boardwalk and got a lovely group photo…I’m assuming it was a nice photo, I’ve not seen it yet; and headed to the Cape May Cafe for a buffet character breakfast. There we saw Goofy, Donald & Minnie and all the box people greeted them and they waved…Minnie seemed to like Lou’s rugged-i’ve not shaved in 24hrs look! Luckily we didn’t have to split the bill between the 366 of us int he box at that time!!

After that we all headed to Epcot, got a bit of a recharge and then we all hopped on SSE and surprisingly Lou didn’t lose connection!! Froze up a time or two but sorted itself out. I don’t remember ever being on SSE but if I have it was YEARS ago when I was like 11yrs old and I don’t remember. It was very dark and webcams don’t get great views so couldn’t see much but when it showed ‘your future’ the box people were headless and Lou was a blank person!! It was so funny! For the finale of this wild 24hr ride, we all met up with Lou’s family and went on his son’s fave ride to see Figment!! After the video feed unfroze itself I think the majority of the box people saw most of the attraction. Thank goodness we couldn’t smell the skunk spray!! And finally it was to Club Cool for a celebritory drink of Beverly!! (BLEH!)

It was crazy, it had tech issues, there was laughter and there were tears, I feel nausious from exhaustion, I made some new friends…WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN?!!?!

On another note…9WKS TO THE DAY TILL WE ARRIVE AT DLRP!!! I so can not wait! I want more pins, I want to get on Rock ‘n Rollercoaster & ToT. I WANT PARADES!!!! Will definately do more filming this trip as well as our thousands of photos and make a little video of our week long trip.


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