Just some ramblings…

Ok so today I just want to throw my thoughts and opinion out there about some things I’ve read via other Disney news sites. Please feel free to leave a comment on your views as well.

(sources: http://thedailydisney.com, http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/, http://disneypincast.com/)

So the ToT will be getting some new special effects, an “eerie glow upon approach”, new things in the queue, inside and out and even a special drop which is said to be ‘the one sequence used during the (summer nightastic) event day and night’. I love this idea I just wish I were there to see it! Even though one of my WORST fears is falling, I do love ToT. I’ve always said I wanted to ride it at least once because I love Twighlight Zone and wanted to see what it was and all the goodies inside. I didn’t think I’d love the ride because it’s a free fall (ok its pushed down but still) and I hate those…I will NEVER ride an outdoor, sitting in a chair with your feet dangling 100s of feet above concrete FreeFall…but with ToT you’re inside a big car with a floor and like 5rows of other people with a lap seat belt…very different. The ToT building will look awesome with an eerie glow around it at night time and I hope it will be something they will keep there for a better atmosphere.

I am loving what I’ve seen of the Star Wars Weekends at WDW. I’ve never been to one personally but I would like to one day. The new R2-MK is AWESOME!!! I’ll have to get me a pin of him 😉 The dance offs are always hillarious and get better year after year. I like Star Tours, my son does as well except for the ice cave part, so I’m sad to see it close but am happy and am looking forward to the Star Tours version 2.0 or whatever they will be calling it. When is it due to open? 2012 I think?? Please correct me if I am wrong. My husband says we wont’ be going back to WDW till 2013 so it’ll definately be reopened by then and our son will be 10yrs old…WOW! Ok I have to stop thinking of how old he’ll be when this or that happens cuz he’s growing up TOO fast for me as it is. heh.

You may or may not know that I love collecting Disney Trading Pins…Ok I’m not an AVID collector like some people are. I don’t have ‘sets’ ok I have ONE set which is the Muppets with the Mickey ears on. I buy ones that I like, whether its because its a ride I love or a fave character or just because its nice looking. I get ones for events I was at such as a couple MNSSHP 2009 pins as well as like the park and year I was there and sometimes the resort (my husband suggested doing this as its a nice way to remember where we were and when). I love the flip-flop pins because I love flip-flops hehe. American themed pins are also a fave because I am proud to be an American (NOT getting into politics here but although our goverment is not perfect I feel you can still be proud of your country and the people, the citizens, that make it what it is). A new line is coming out this year by Julie Young and I love them and can not wait to get my hands on some! They are new Mickey Mouse icon pins using wood, buttons and other ‘homespun’ themed items (http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2010/05/im-just-making-this-up/) I think these are brilliant!! I’m getting more into pins and now listen to the Disney PinCast podcast. It’s neat to hear of new pins and see them on my iPhone…before if I saw it in the park thats how I knew of it and that was it. So although I still won’t be one of these great traders with folders full of pins, I am more clued into what is coming out so I can know what I’d like to get without just happening upon it in the parks.

FOOD!! Sure a lot of people think that Disney parks is all ride and characters and sure I was one of those ‘poor unfortunate souls’ until last year when we were BLESSED with a dinning plan AND were able to attend the Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. I love the dinning plan…I know there are different ones and different offers, etc. We had some sort of special deal for UK residents going to WDW last year and that enabled us to eat several 3course meals in some lovely sit down restaurants that we’d never normally think of going to due to price, time, etc. I love Le Cellier in canada @ Epcot for one!! Thanks to listening to podcasts we knew where we wanted to eat…we did have some counter service meals and LOVED Yak & Yeti but its nice to know that you CAN have a sit down meal and enjoy it and not miss out on the parks. When we go to DLRP in July we’ll be having one meal at Walt’s on Main Street and that is a new one for us so I’m looking forward to that. If you’re at WDW during Food & Wine festival this year by all means GO!!! Don’t eat breakfast and just GO and eat everywhere you can. Drink water to cleanse your mouth and not add flavor so you can fully enjoy each dish you try. I LOVED participating in F&W last year trying all that lovely food that I may normally not order at a restaurant.

Well thats it this time…I could waffle on all day but I’m running out of things to talk about with out just completely rambling hehe, I’ll do that next time 🙂


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