8wks Tomorrow till DLRP & Tattoo Talk

Sooo excited! What am I most looking forward to?? Well the main thing is I want to enjoy my son having the time of his life! No matter how much fun I’m having, if he’s smiling and laughing and having a great time as well, that multiplies my happiness by a thousand!! Hopefully we’ll manage to get him on some new rides now that he’ll be a week away from turning 7yrs old and has grown a lot since he was there last in 2007. I’ll admit it, he can be a bit of a wuss, but once he gets on a ride 8 out of 10 times he really does enjoy it. I would love it if I could get him on HM as that is a classic fave of mine. He has been on it before when he was younger but now is ‘too scared’ to get on it. There are some other rides I’d love to get him on but I’ll keep it simple and hope for Crush Coaster and HM for now and other things he’s now tall enough for that would be an easy job getting him onto.

To be honest I don’t have much to talk about right now but wanted to do a post as I won’t have time or energy tomorrow as I’ll be out most of the day at a sci-fi fair meeting Slavitza Jovan who was Gozer in the movie Ghostbusters. Speaking of Ghostbusters, I finally got my Ghostbusters logo tattoo last October! 🙂 What does this have to do with Disney you ask?? Well, it doesn’t REALLY…but I thought I’d talk about tattoos as I’ve seen a lot of people with Disney characters inked forever onto their bodies; my husband even has a ‘hidden mickey’ in his tribal dragon tattoo he had done last year. I love my tattoos and currently have seven. Now none of them are Disney however and I’m not sure if I ever would get a Disney themed tattoo to be honest. There are just too many things I love about Disney to just settle on one character or image. I mean I have FAVE characters but there are a few and I think a collage of them just wouldn’t look right for me and I couldn’t put one above the rest…although if you know me personally you know how I have a thing for Genie (mainly due to Robin Williams being the voice).

I don’t know…I mean I feel tattoos should represent a part of you or something that means something to you. I’ve seen people on Miami Ink getting a Coi fish to represent personal battles they’ve conquered and such. And although each of my tattoos do that, represent something personal or a part of myself, I don’t think that a Disney one could. “What about the Ghosbuster tattoo then? It’s just a film! How is that personal” I hear you say. Yes and no…I’ve been an avid Ghostbuster fan ever since the film came out in 1984. I know the lines pretty much backwards and forwards, I could watch it for 24hrs straight and not be put off…although I may fall asleep as I always put it on when I can’t get to sleep…hey! it helps calm me like the gentle rumble of a cat’s purr. Thanks to my husband, I’ve been able to get my hands on some wonderful collectibles and acquire a uniform and working (ok lights) proton pack AND have spent a week in NYC visiting all the sites I could find; even little ones like the record store that posed as Ray’s Occult Books and the corner of 1st Ave and 77th street where Oscar’s baby carriage stopped in GB2 as well as the obvious must see’s. Anyway, there never has nor never will be a movie that will mean more to me than Ghostbusters. Although my dear father warns me that the “Ghostbusters won’t have your soul”, they have always been a constant in my life and always will be. Why do I love it so? Welllll, I was raised watching classic SNL so I love Dan Aykroyd & Bill Murray. Also I loved Rick Morranis from seeing him in Strange Brew when I was a kid and Harold Ramis…I don’t recall if I ever saw him on SNL but I know I loved him in Stripes (yes I saw that as a young child). Harold/Egon always having been my favorite Ghostbuster, my uniform has ‘Spengler’ on the name badge. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and a good ol’ comedy and with GB you get both. And lets face it folks…”they just don’t make them like they used to”. It’s a cult classic film that will stand the test of time. I can’t definately put my finger on WHY it’s always meant so much to me…it just has. Why does a baby choose that ONE toy to be their constant protector…who knows?! So whereas me having a Ghostbusters logo on the inside of my left ankle with ‘1984’ underneath it makes sense to me to have…I don’t think a Disney one ever would.

Now that you know what sort of rambler I can be…What about you? Do you have any Disney ink or thinking of getting some done? If so, what is it and why?


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