Not Disney but Sci-Fi…

UK Ghostbusters & Slavitza Jovan (Gozer)

*moans* GAH my shoulders and my feet!!!! But MAN was it worth it!!

Ok so I know this is my Disney blog and apart from one or two things, this has nothing to do with Disney BUT this is the only blog I have so I’m going to talk about my day at Collector Mania in Milton Keynes here *blows a raspberry* :P~

So Mark and I have done several of these, I had even been to several Dragon Cons in Atlanta, GA when they were just getting started and not the huge event it is now…but this time was extra special because our son, who’s only 6yrs old, WANTED to dress up as Link from Zelda and go with us!! So a few weeks before I managed to make him a costume from things I got at Tesco’s (UK grocery store) and sure its not up to proper cosplay standards, it served its purpose and Gage thought it was the best thing EVER! Mom did good 🙂
Us with Vader

Once we got inside I found some of my fellow Ghostbusters and immediately we had people wanting their photos with us and we were more than happy to oblidge. It was very nice to meet the people I chat to on the UK:GB forums and be a part of such a great group. Ok, I’ll admit it, I do love a bit of attention and I was eatting up people coming up to us asking for our photo or to have a photo with us. The little kids were precious!!

After dozens of fans stopped for photos with us, Mark, Gage and I split off to do a bit of shopping. We lucked out with some Disney pins! I got a Chernabog thats an LE of 250, an upside down Mickey VM, an American Flag ears and a Mme Leona HM re-opening 2007. Mark found a good few as well that he’d been looking for. They also had some lovely jumbo pins and two were VERY tempting but Mark did not give in, and at the end of the day it was a good thing cuz we spent WAY too much money even without getting them. One was of Walt & Mickey infront of Cinderella’s castle and the other was a Kermit one.

I split off from Mark & Gage for a bit to run off with the other Ghosbusters as they wanted to go back to look at some things. While they were gone Gage had his photo taken with LOADS of Star Wars characters and I can tell from the photos he just LOVED it. So while they were doing all of that, we were being stopped again for more photos with GB fans and a little girl even asked for my autograph! I mean, it was priceless! She was 5yrs old at MOST!! so she comes up to me and asks if she can have my autograph and hands me some paper and a pen and I kneel down to her and ask her what her name is and sign her paper “To (name), Love EgonsGal” as that is my forum name and I didn’t see a point in putting ‘Tara’. That was a real highlight of my day, I’ve gotta say.

We start walking again and get stopped in front of a row of tables where some celebs are sat to greet fans and sign autographs…and so this lady poses for a photo with us and from behind the table comes Peter Kwong, from Big Trouble in Little China, with his camera getting a photo of us. Ok, cool! THEN, he gives his camera to a guy taking our photo and he does a big karate pose infront of us and we’re all doing our ‘thumbs up’ pose with him!! I mean, how AWESOME is that?!?!?! To have an actor want HIS photo taken with YOU…on HIS personal camera!! Sad thing is, none of us had the brains to whip out one of our cameras and go “oh get one on here too!” Mark had our camera and my iPhone had decided to be a b****. I am tempted to try and contact him and go “hey email me a copy dude!” (NOTE: I’ve posted about this on the events forum under Mr Kwong’s thread so fingers crossed!!)

I go back and forth from being with my fellow Ghostbusters and Mark & Gage during the day…we waited back and forth to meet Barry Bostwick (ok Disney link here as he was in the Hannah Montana movie as Mr Bradley) and Slavitza Jovan (Gozer in Ghostbusters) and debating what we needed to do to see Patrick Stewart. When Slavitza came back from her lunch break I finally had the pleasure of shaking her hand and telling her what an honour it was to be meeting her. She signed the back of my proton pack and seemed somewhat shocked to see a female Ghostbuster. She said like “wow a female Ghostbuster, I’m impressed” She was very nice and very soft spoken and still very striking. After meeting ‘The Goze’, we wondered back to wait for Barry Bostwick to return from his lunch break so I could meet ‘Brad’. Although Gage was MORE than happy to have his photo taken with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers…he was not meeting normal people hehe. So I go up to Barry and hand him a photo of him as the Mayor in Spin City. He asked if I liked the show and I said yes I did very much, and that is the truth. But the reason I chose that photo was because it was more HIM and not ‘Brad’ and also I think he is like a fine wine, much better with age. I think he’s very handsome now but was so dorky when he was young as Brad (yes I know Brad WAS supposed to be a dork, but still…) I told him I also loved RHPS and had recently seen him in an episode of Cougar Town with Courtney Cox and he asked what I thought of that show and I said that I really enjoy it that its cute. Which again is the truth. He was so nice and reached his hand out to Mark who was taking our photo together and asked what his name was and thanked him for taking our photo. And wow what piercing blue eyes.
Tara & Barry

We did finally meet Patrick Stewart but he was not allowing posed photos, just autographs…but we met him and Mark shook his hand and that was nice. We’ve been lucky to have seen him perform in London’s West End twice; his one-man show of Christmas Carol and a David Mamet drama A Life in the Theatre, co-starring Joshua Jackson.

So somewhere amist all of this, it was time for our posed photo session with Slavitza and that was cool…she did a lovely pose and had her hand above my head playing with my hair; not that it was messed up enough as it was due to the wind (the event was on a tier of a football statdium so covered but outside). We were not able to wait around to collect it but rather did the paper work for it to be posted out to me so fingers crossed it gets here safe and sound.

Mark, Gage and I do some more walking around, shopping and Gage had a blast playing tag with R2-D2 (should’ve got a little video of that) As we were heading towards the exit, the rest of the Ghostbusters met us in the other direction and so we finally got a nice group photo of the eight of us there that day, all in full Ghostbuster gear. The idea was tossed up to pose for a photo that could be manipulated to look as though we were shooting at Slimer. The area where we were had a rather low ceiling and so we went looking for a roomier place. As we head into a ‘lobby’ where some elevators were, we run into Slavitza and who I guess were her ‘handlers’! And we’re like OH OH OH MEGA GROUP PHOTO OP!! So between us saying ‘please’ and the two guys who were with her coaxing her on…we all posed with ‘Gozer front and center for one of the most amazing photos EVER! I mean here we were, all eight UK Ghostbusters who were there that day, in full gear and GOZER in an empty lobby area…I mean HELLO!!!! We could not have asked for anything better…well ok if Aykroyd, Murray, Ramis and Hudson got out of the lift behind us…but seriously?!?! After that there was a sort of “we’re not worthy” moment and we had a few laughs as some elevators were behind us so we all got into a disabled one (bigger) and joked about how many Ghostbusters can you fit inside a lift? And then as Mark was taking our photo, Queen Amidala exited another lift and upon seeing her one of the GBs said in a very boyish voice “I Love You!” and we all just died laughing!!

What else did I purchase? Welllll, I got yet another Ghostbuster t-shirt, a GB coffee mug, a GB Weenicon, a Bad Taste Bear of ‘Stay Pist/Puffed, my Disney pins of course, a metal Freddy Krugar glove, and an Ecto-1 parking badge. Gage also lucked out with a LEGO basketball set & a light saber and Mark got his prize Japanese Masterpiece Grimlock (Transformers)…we spent WAY too much money between buying items and autographs, it was a long fun and adventure filled day and I LOVED IT!!


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