Ramblin’ Time

Just some bits here and there…

Eight weeks now until we go to DLRP!! One more ADR to book then its just sitting back and waiting. Pins are almost ready…I need to add my new ones on…I could do with reorganising the lot as I try to keep my lanyards themed (i.e. Halloween lanyard with Halloween/scary ride pins, USA lanyard with American themed pins, etc.) The kid’s got some new Disney shirts, gonna take him shopping for some sandles to wear. I don’t know who’s more excited him or us adults hehe.

Here’s a shocker for you…I’ve NEVER seen Sleeping Beauty!! *GASP* When I was a child my mom felt the dragon was too scary for me (I don’t know how young I was when she decided this) and I’ve just never gotten around to seeing it. Suffice to say I love Chernabog from Fantasia and I have several Chernabog pins and even a t-shirt. We had such a laught last year in WDW because I could never remember its name and although I knew it wasn’t “Chernobyl” that is what I called him because I knew it started with a “CH”. To be fair, even though I know the name, until I googled it to make sure I was spelling it correctly I wasn’t sure what “Chernobyl” was. So there ya go. Actually, to be honest, I barely remember the classic films. I mean I know them, I know what happens, etc. but its been SO long since I’ve sat down and watched them….may have to fix that.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
Ok, yes so Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel will be renamed Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel in the parks…I’m guessing to cater to the boys a bit more and maybe continue the fairy tale of Cinderella and Charming. I know there are avid fans who are not happy with this development but I’m not bothered really. At the end of the day, its still the same ride, it still plays its part in Cinderella’s story and will still be a family favorite for many.

The referbishment of Fantasyland is going to bring about a lot of changes, large and small, and everyone will have a different opinion of each. Once we came across some videos on YouTube that people made called ‘Hitler Reacts’, my husband decided to do his own ‘Hitler Reacts’ film about the Fantasyland expansion.

So sure not all of us will be happy with everything that is done, but change is good, its progress. If the parks were to stay the same way always, it could be hard to excite future generations about things if attractions and rides about their favorite films aren’t in the park. I for one am upset that we are loosing Pooh’s Thoughtful Spot playground as it was one of my son’s favorites and as a Pooh fan, I loved it as well. We just have to trust in the imagineers that they know what is best for the parks and embrace the next generation.

Harry Potter & Universal
So the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios is due to open next month I believe. The question everyone seems to be asking is WILL this bring Universal back up to par with Disney?? Well, was Universal ever up to par with Disney to begin with I wonder. Personally I couldn’t give a rats @$$ about Harry Potter and his Wizarding World. I’ve never read any of the books but I have seen the first two films but only out of curiosity (“What is all the fuss about!??!”). It just didn’t do anything for me. Apart from Harry I couldn’t even name you any characters, so…Now I don’t NOT like Universal…TRUE I do hold a grudge for them taking out the Ghostbusters show/attraction for flippin’ Twister!! (Grrrrrr) Also I’m not happy they tore down the Psycho house on the back lot…I can’t even imagine what is there now in its place.

But I mean, I don’t put Universal and Disney on the same page with each other. I think they are two totally different parks on several different levels. I mean at Disney, there are SO many things the family can do as a whole, even with a baby…at Universal there’s not. Disney is an entity that can span across generations. I mean Snow White came out in 1937 and little girls 73years later still dream of being Snow White and dress like her…can we say the same thing about Lisa Simpson (don’t get me wrong I LOVE the Simpsons) or Fiona from Shrek. I love some of the rides at Universal…LOVE the Rip Ride Rockit!!!! But I feel that Disney offers more. We took our son to Universal last year and there was a handful of rides he was tall enough for and most of those he didn’t like. Whereas at Disney there is more for him to do, with us and alone, and he loves them (for the most part)

So will HP get Universal back up in the ranks…it’d be nice but I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference in the long run. Everything there is dated and has a life span I think. The Jaws attraction…surely they could make a MUCH better animatronic shark with technologies these days. Where as Disney attractions and characters I feel are indeed timeless. Now I know there will be those that totally disagree with me…good for you. That is what makes things work, difference of opinion. But, this is what I think and so there ya have it.


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