WoC & Food (also 6wks to go!!)

We have only six weeks until we step foot back into Disneyland Resort Paris!! Today we went shopping and got us each a pair of Geox sandles to wear also we got our son LOADS of new clothes from the Disney store to wear. SO glad they finally had some Phineas & Ferb clothes!! Yes, I was tempted to get myself a ‘talking’ Perry toy, but I resisted. Hope there will be better ones at the park!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Still need to book Cafe Mickey’s and pack but other than that we are good to go ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!! I’m looking forward to getting some more pins and riding Aerosmith & ToT. I just hope the weather is lovely and warm/hot everyday we are there.


OMG…have you SEEN World of Color yet?!?!

I’m upset that it won’t be in WDW, at least not anytime soon from what I’ve heard. My favorite nighttime show has always been Fantasmic mainly due to the music…I LOVE the music!! But World of Color (WoC) is so beautiful and amazing!! Just the music and the lights and water…all of it, was just fantastic!! My ONLY complaint, yes there is a complaint here…is one I have quite often…WHY when a show uses a scene from Lion King it is ALWAYS the one where the stampead tramples Mufasa and Simba is there cuddling him as he dies?!?! I hate this scene from the movie, its nothing against the film, LK is one of my fave Disney films. But because it was released a year after my Mom had passed away with cancer (I was 16 when she died) and that scene just nails me in the heart as it makes me think of when she was taking her last breaths and I was holding her hand. So that is my only complaint on WoC is that THAT is the scene they chose to use from LK rather than a more happier scene like them singing Hakuna Matata! I did LOVE how they did the Toy Story sequence, starting on Andy’s bed with Buzz & Woody and then going into a laser fight between Buzz and Zurg…very cool!!

I also love the Picnic Meal Options..unlike at Fantasmic! where you can get popcorn, sweets and such, at WoC you can have like a proper little meal. There are even things that our son would eat (he’s VERY picky!!) like the Little All American (chicken – nuggets I assume) and the Lunchbox Classic (PB&J). We are hoping to go to Disneyland next year and are already planning out how many times we’re going to see it and where we will sit each time.

Whiles I’m on the subject of FOOD!! Someone mail me a carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop!! Thanks to Lou Mongello I’m really dying to have my first one!!

Ok seriously though…

2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Details

โ€œWhere on the planet can foodies sample the cuisine, culture and entertainment of more than two dozen countries during a 1.3-mile stroll around a picturesque 40-acre lagoon? Only at Walt Disney World Resort, where more than 25 international marketplaces around the World Showcase promenade at Epcot invite guests to taste tapas-sized portions and sip wines, beers and spirits from six continents.โ€

I loved being at the 2009 F&W Festival and just wish that last year they had these Passport things they’ve started this year so you have a booklet marking what you’ve eaten and from where.

Foodie PassportsLast year when we were there, we were clever enough to take photos of each countries menu that we ate in and got a snapshot of us eating each dish. We mostly shared one portion of whatever it was unless we wanted a different item than the other or, a couple of times, if one of us didn’t fancy anything on that menu but the other did, etc. Does that make sense? Hope so!

For whatever reason last year we did not get to enjoy the 2009 Eat to the Beat concerts and I really hate that we’re not there again this year as one of my favorite artists, Taylor Hicks, will be performing at the 2010 Eat to the Beat series.

There’s not really much you can say about the F&W Festivals, it really is something you have to go and experience for yourself. But my advice, if you’ve never been before, is to not eat any breakfast or have a light one and let the festival be your lunch/dinner. Drink water in between kiosks to cleanse your palate as it were and savour every bite. Just imagine eating at least one dish from each station, and there is over 25 of them, and take your time. Read the ingredients and really think about what you want to get, don’t always just get something because you know you like it, try something new. So many things I had last year I’d never had before and I was so glad I’d eaten them then. Sure two or three dishes let me down either I didn’t like the taste or it was too weak, etc. but at least I tried it. Ok so I drew the line at mushroom soup, I mean a girl has to have a limit! But I did try my husband’s salmon and I don’t like it but because I think it had a maple glaze I agreed to give it ago…but I still didn’t like it and the photo shows as much LMAO.

Ok I think I’ve run my mouth enough today ๐Ÿ™‚ I just want to send out a very special THANK YOU for those that keep me going inbetween my park visits and keep me loaded with information to feed my brain so that I can pass it on to others who are planning visits but aren’t as mouse-minded as I’ve become…So thanks for ALL the hard work you do Lou @ WDW Radio, Jonathan & Bryan @ AATM, John & Tom @ The Disney Pincast, Adam, Juz & Craig @ DisneyBrit …there are so many more but I’m always listening to these guys’ podcasts so had to give them a shout out…Be sure to check out the links I have to my fave Disney sites. Thanks for all you do!!



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