Why I Love Phineas & Ferb

What?!?! You don’t know who Phineas & Ferb are?!?! OMG!! Where have you been?!?!

Ok, ok…I know that not everyone has the Disney Channel/Disney XD, etc….I don’t understand WHY everyone does not have Disney Channel/Disney XD, etc…but that is not the point here. I also understand that, unlike myself, not all adults leave the Disney Channel on once their kids are at school for 6hrs. BUT YOU STILL SHOULD KNOW WHO PHINEAS & FERB ARE!!!

Ok so back in August 2007 P&F originally aired on the Disney Channel and became a HIT! The story follows two stepbrothers, Phineas & Ferb, during their summer vacation (apparently 104 days of it). Every day these child geniuses invent something amazing from rollercoasters to time machines to a platapus themed restaurant. Their older sister, Candace, however does everything in her power to get them ‘busted’ by their mom, often making her own summer days miserable. Between obsessing with her brothers adventures and her boyfriend she just does not know what to do with herself. But what I think MAKES this show…is their pet platypus Perry…who also acts as a secret agent for an all-animal government organization called the “O.W.C.A.” (Organization Without a Cool Acronym), fighting Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

All of us, myself, my son and my husband LOVE this show. We all ADORE Perry!! The show also has GREAT musical numbers. Sometimes its the kids singing for whatever reason or sometimes its just a background song. One of my faves is Squirrels in my Pants that is performed by some street kids in a park when Jeremy’s (that’s Candace’s boyfriend) little sister shoves an acorn into Candace’s jeans and thus a squirrel dives in after it. Another one I like was from an episode where they showed their top five ‘music videos’ and Doofenshmirtz tried to take over the audience with his little number.

It’s just one of those shows you HAVE to see to appreciate it. The running jokes are simple but great such as they boys always being asked if they’re too young to be ordering/using this and that and one of them always goes “yes, yes I am” or even Doof’s “curse you Perry the platypus!” And who could forget the “hey…where’s Perry/oh there you are Perry” gag. Also, the cast of actors/actresses who do the voices is amazing!  Vincent Martella as Phineas, Thomas Sangster as Ferb and Ashley Tisdale “The Tiz” for the voice of their sister Candace.  But the list of actors has a lot more of great talent including Richard O’Brian as Lawrence Fletcher, the dad/stepdad, in P&F.

One thing I did not know about this show until I looked it up for this post, is that one of the creators, Dan Povenmire, grew up in Mobile, Alabama and was taught to never waste a day of his summer vacations. I’m from Alabama and can agree with him. Back when we were kids it was summer camp, family vacations, playoutside with our neighborhood friends each and every day of summer.  So obviously this gives me even MORE reason to love this show and respect its co-creator.

Ok so WHY do I think P&F is so great aside from the wonderful musical numbers? Well its done in a way so that kids AND adults can enjoy it and get something from it. My husband & I enjoy watching it as much as if not more than our son does! For kids, it shows them how important it is to use their imagination and how anything is possible. I’m just glad my son hasn’t come up to me yet saying “Mom can we get a pet platypus?”

So if you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing this show, even if you don’t have the Disney Channel…BUY THE DVDS!!!! It is WELL worth the money!


7 thoughts on “Why I Love Phineas & Ferb

  1. I love Phineas and Ferb there cool,awesome,and creative. Candice is very funny I don’t know why she always tries to bust them all the time. The time they built the roller coaster was really cool!

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