Disney Goes Ultra Posh & TS3

Do you have between $1.5 to $8 million?? You do?!?! GOOD…then give it to me so I can get me a house at Disney’s new Golden Oak!!


This is a new “luxury residential resort community” owned by Disney and is situated between MK and EPCOT. There are less than 30 of homes designed, in part, by Disney Imagineers. So there aren’t many and despite the price, I bet they will be sought after and snatched up FAST!

Now obviously living SO close to the Disney Park’s will have its perks, so will owning a home in the Golden Oak community. From a private clubhouse, concierge serves, VIP transportation, access to special-event tickets…basically you will be treated as Disney Royalty. And hey, for THOSE prices…you SHOULD be! I do love this but for the majority of Disney families, its just way out of the offordable price range which is a shame. I hope that if Golden Oak is a success they will work on a community priced more for the average Disney family.

From posh homes to posh pets…WDW is now taken reservations for your four legged friends at their luxury pet resort. Now I love my cat and dog (ok the cat more than the dog but still) and as much as I’d love for her to have her own vacation in a top notch hotel while we were away at the parks…I just don’t feel she needs a personal tv or bedtime stories…in her own 2-4 room condo.

At the Disney Park Blogs there is talk of pet-friendly resorts at WDW, kennels and should you leave your pets at home discussions. Since I am in the UK, I don’t have a choice in the matter. Our dog stays with my husbands parents as they have a dog of their own and a huge backyard to run and play in and my cat Darth Vader (AATM#1214) goes to our Vet’s Cattery. I can only hope she enjoys her kitty vacation there playing with other cats and having a run around. One of those things where you wish you could be a fly on the wall for, to see how they are when you’re not there. I actually think it’d be funny if at WDW’s posh animal resort they had a camera or two in their ‘home’ and you got a DVD of it as part of the package. See just what our counterparts get up to when we’re not around and how much they enjoy, or didn’t enjoy, their own little holiday.

As much as I love this idea and my cat…even if I could send her there, I seriously doubt I would. I can only imagine how much the costs are for a start and then again, like some mentioned on the blog, how do you get your pets there if you do not have your own or a hired car? Meh, like I said, it doesn’t apply to me and actually I feel confident having Darth stay in the Vet’s cattery as I know if she were to get ill (she’s only 2yrs old though) that she’s in the right place for medical attention. Okay, yes…I actually did cry the first time I dropped her off there last year while we went to the States for a few weeks. I hated to leave her there but knew she was in good hands, just worried that she thought I was leaving her behind or something…okay!! Disney!! Right!! 🙂

Toy Story 3…I’ve held off blogging about this because it doesn’t come out here in the UK until late July so I’ve not seen it yet. I love that Disney has gone back and made retro toy commercials for Lotso-Huggin Bear as he was never a real life toy and doing this I think just adds to the fantasy of it all. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the film and how it brings out the best and worst in ALL of the characters, new and old. There was a 4yr gap between TS & TS2 and now 11yrs later we finally have, what most likely will be, the last chapter in Toy Story. On one podcast I listen to, they talked of how Disney plans or hopes to keep the Toy Story characters we’ve all grown to know and love alive after the film leaves the cinema by making TS shorts that will air on the Disney Channels such as the Cars Shorts have done.

I honestly can’t wait to see the film, I hear all the buzz and talk from the podcasts and friends in the State’s who’ve seen it and its like GAAHHHH!! But the nice thing is is that TS3 comes out two days before we leave for DLRP…so we’ll see it on the big screen either that Friday evening it comes out or the Saturday (yes will book tickets in advance!!) and then it’ll be time to go to Disney Paris. Shame though as I don’t ‘think’ Lotso is in the Paris parks yet…that would’ve been cool.

I do love how TS has kept with the time that has gone by…Andy isn’t a child anymore, he’s grown up and we’ve all grown up with him. I mean I was 18yrs old when the first Toy Story film came out…now I’m **yrs old 😛 Aging the product works or doesn’t work depending on what the product is. For Toy Story, it definately works…as much as Buzz, Wood & the Gang are “Andy’s Toys” the stories are about them, not Andy. It revolves around their lives as his toys and how things in his life effect them and how they deal, move on and evolve with their fate as he grows up. If The Simpsons were allowed to age, I don’t think that would work. Even though it started out to be about Homer, the audience fell in love with Bart and the show moved to revolve around him. If Bart were to grow up into an adult the show just would not work. I do love to see clips of the future and how they ‘could’ turn out but in the end, what would we do if we tuned in one night and Lisa was the President of the US, Bart was a fat drunk on welfare and Maggie, well…who knows how Maggie could turn out…It wouldn’t be as appealling…but for TS it works and I think that is a big part of its charm.

As kids, we would always wonder “what do my toys do when I’m at school or asleep?” Being allowed into Andy’s room answers our childhood questions and in doing so it enriches our lives as adults and children by making us laugh, cry and yes even teaching us a lesson in life. Hats off to ya Disney…a classic trilogy that will out live its first audience by a long shot and will always show us how important friends, and family, are.


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