I am your Host…Your Ghost Host!!

My all-time fave attraction at Disney is the Haunted Mansion (or Phantom Manor as its called in DLRP because the words ‘phantom’ and ‘manor’ are the same in English and French) and since I’ve ordered the Secrets of Disney’s Haunted Mansion from Doombuggies.com I wanted to do a post about it. However, please bare in mind fellow HM fans…I am not an expert, I do not ‘know all’. If you see any ‘facts’ or statements that are not completely correct please do a comment stating such with the correction. Now, as they say, look alive, and we’ll continue our little tour. And let’s all stay together, please.

Us in front of Haunted Mansion @ WDW 2009

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested and curious in the supernatural side of life…or after-life…and I think that is a huge reason why I love the Haunted Mansion. I’ve always wanted to know MORE about this ride…what’s the back story…what’s the bride’s story, etc. Sure there was the film with Eddie Murphy and it was cute but I felt it went away from the ride a bit. I wish they’d make another film based on/about the Haunted Mansion but make it more for the older crowd and not so kiddy. Anyway, moving on…

So I was on Amazon ordering the Kingdom Keepers books and I saw a link for Secrets of Disney’s Haunted Mansion and from that found DoomBuggies.com and did not want to stop reading it! But it was past 10pm so I had to hit the sack. So with that I wanted to do my own little talk about it sharing my thoughts and such….that’s what blogs are for after all πŸ˜› Actually, we have 999 happy haunts here, but there’s room for a thousand. Any volunteers?

The Hatbox Ghost

I love this…The Hatbox Ghost was in the attic of Disneyland’s HM up until its grand opening but taken out almost immediately after it opened to the public and the Bride took his place instead of where she was originally which was on the other side of the attic room. So of course here is a GREAT mysterious thing about HM because it is said that no one knows WHERE the Hatbox Ghost went to! The moulds have apparently never been found, no trace of him anywhere from what people have said. As to the reason he was taken out…I think it was a combination of the effect they wanted for him (his head disappearing and reappearing in the hatbox) not being as successful as they’d hoped for due to the angles of the doombuggies and such also that he just didn’t seem to fit in with the flow/story of the attraction.

It is a real shame because I think Hatbox is a really cool ghost and I bet today the desired effect for him would be so easy to master. He is used on SO much of HM’s merchandise and is really sort of the ‘mascot’ of HM even though the only people to have ever seen him were the Disneyland Cast Members back in 1969.

Out of all the mythology and stories about the HM…I think the Hatbox Ghost is the best because it is eery and mysterious…WHERE did he go?!?! I do recall being told that there are parts of him here and there…like he was disassembled and various parts were used elsewhere (Sam the Eagle in “America Sings”). Those figures are reported to have been stripped down and used for the critters at Splash Mountain. I mean that alone constructs its own ghost story…The ill-fated Hatbox Ghost who was never allowed to live out his destiny…his spirit following his ‘body’ wherever it went, haunting each attraction where his ‘bones’ may lay…ooooooooh. There are several rumors of a 2nd Hatbox that never turned up and his whereabouts are also…unknown. I just love that the HM does have its own real little mystery in the Hatbox Ghost. It’s GREAT!

All our ghosts have been dying to meet you! This one can hardly contain himself!
The Bride

Constance Hatchaway

Does she have a story, does she not have a story…if so, what is it?? As there are a few different brides, each with their own story, it is something that could be easily confused. Now as of writing this I’ve only been to WDW and DLRP so I’ve only ‘met’ Constance Hatchaway and Melanie Ravenswood and again both brides have a different story.

Constance, also known as the Black Widow Bride, who was unveiled in the 2006/2007 upgrades having replaced the original ‘beating heart bride’ tells the story of a bride who murders her husbands and takes their riches for herself, hence the name Black Widow Bride. Constance does not however tell us all of her secrets and we are left to imagine the worst. While it is nice to leave the audience wanting more…I HATE WANTING MORE!! I want you to tell me WTF happened!!!! I really want to know why she killed her husbands, how she killed them and most importantly…how much did she get?!?! πŸ™‚

Now Melanie, who is in DLRP, is a completely different story…she was a young bride in love but whose father was completely against her marriage and was devoted to stopping it no matter what…but her parents died in an accident so happy ever after right? No…her groom was then killed by the Phantom of the Manor (I’m not sure who this is or WHY he wanted to kill the groom) and so she kept waiting for him to show up at the alter even in death. And again you’re left with questions, or at least I am…who is the Phantom in this Manor and why did he kill Melanie’s groom? Was he her father hell-bent on stopping her marrying this young man? Was he a jealous suitor? I don’t know and I want to know!! πŸ˜›

Each bride does just scream out for some fan-fic I think and if I could ever find my creative hat, I’d love to do some stories about them…who knows, maybe. πŸ™‚


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