Digital Camera…Check! HD Digital Video Camera…Check!Pins…Check! So what am I forgetting??

CLOTHES!! Just kidding! 😛 Just 10days till we hop aboard the EuroStar to make our way to Disneyland Resort Paris! SO looking forward to it! My son is really getting excited now as well. I showed him photos of Newport Bay, where we’re staying, and he saw the pool and wow I’ve never seen him jump so high! He’s all like “LETS GO NOW NOW NOW!!”

We’ve got a new Digital HD video camera and I plan on filming LOADS this time. I always return from a trip to Disney with thousands of photos but not much if any videos and I always wish I’d done more filming. So this time I will 🙂 And not just parades but myself and my family enjoying our vacation at DLRP.

I was hoping the new Toy Story Attractions would be open but the website it still saying ‘Coming Soon’…so I doubt it 😦 Toy Soldiers I imagine will be like the old Parachutes that used to be at Six Flags when i was a little girl and if so, I’ll ride them…sure its a fall but its a slow, soft fall not a ‘free’ fall.

I can’t wait to see the new parades/shows and just be there again…sure its not WDW but its still Disney soil 🙂 The day we arrive we’re having dinner at Cafe Mickey and I’m looking forward to a week of GREAT food and character meet & greets.


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