Trip Postponed

The other day my husband contacted DLRP to cancel our reservations as his dad, who’d been fighting with cancer the past two years, had taken a turn for the worst. He’d gone into the hospital a week ago and we were still planning on going, everyone telling us we should still go. However, as the week went on and he continued to get worse and worse we cancelled the trip.

As fate would have it, my father in-law passed away about 6am this morning in his sleep, we were due to go to DLRP this morning.

The people at DLRP and EuroStar have been very helpful and understanding and have made the cancelling of this trip a pleasent task under the circumstances. We didn’t know how long he would hold on for but we knew we could not go and risk being away when he passed so it was a cancellation in anticipation of his passing. My mother in-law was insisting to my husband just now that we get on the phones tomorrow and rebook it  as life goes on.

The trip was to be a week before our son’s 7th birthday (while he was still 6yrs old and therefore still free) but we now plan to rebook most likely for the day after his birthday and still go out and celebrate. All depending on when we can get seats on the EuroStar really. Debating whether to go the day after our son’s birthday or waiting another week or two until the new Toy Story Land would be open but Gage (our son) really wants to go the day after his birthday so we shall see what we can do. He’s been such a good kid this past week and very understanding about his Grandfather and why we can’t go to Disney this week. When I told him we weren’t going he didn’t complain or question it, he simply said “Its not important, we can go to Disney anytime.” I was really worried he’d be very upset…first to be told that Grandad would be going to heaven sooner than we thought AND that we won’t be going to Disney when we promised. It’s a lot for a 6yr old to take in…just goes to prove how blessed we are to have him as our son.

Rest in Peace Laurie…I could not have asked for a better Father In-Law

Laurie & Cheryl (Spain 2006)


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