As we try to get some normality back into our lives after losing my husband’s father this past Sunday…the Disney planning has commenced.

We’ve rebooked our trip to DLRP for just over a weeks time, leaving the day after our son’s 7th birthday which he is happy about; although he’ll no longer be free of charge then. My husband said today that bit by bit he’s able to think more normally about our trip as far as what to take, what pins to put on the lanyards, etc., which is a good thing. Although I feel we still won’t be AS prepared as we normally are under the conditions. It is hard to get all excited about a holiday to (one of) the happiest place(s) on earth when you’ve just lost your Dad, your mind isn’t quite there. But we know it’ll be good for us after the week of sitting in the hospital waiting and the stress and worry…be good to get some fresh air and focus on making new wonderful memories with our son and moving on with life as he would have wanted us to.

What we are also looking into is for the whole family (us three plus his mother, sister, her husband and their three kids) going on a Disney Cruise over the Christmas holidays. Something different and so we’re not in the same surroundings as we’ve shared so many Christmases with my father in-law. Try to make it as less depressing as possible ya know. Nothing is definate but it’s something we’re all excited about doing so we’re looking into it and checking days off work, etc. We are hoping to go a few days early and have some time in the World on our own before the cruise…the three of us do Disney very differently to the rest of my husband’s family…not that that’s a BAD thing, everyone has their way to enjoy Disney. It’s just that we are real MouseHead’s and it is more of a mission than a holiday to us, hehe. Then we’re looking at all the family having a few days in the World after the cruise as well. In which case we’d be there for New Years Eve…never done that before. That’d be awesome!

So, life goes on and we intend to make it as Disney-filled as possible.


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