Paris here we come!

In three days we hop aboard the EuroStar to make our way to Disneyland Resort Paris!! ADRs are booked for Cafe Mickey’s, Lucky Nugget, Buffallo Bill’s, Innoventions and Walt’s.

I’m really excited about it…It’ll be the first time I’ll ride ToT at Paris…last time we were there it was still being built. (should try and find the photo of me infront of the construction barriers)

What also makes this trip exciting is that after it I’ll be doing a segment on two Disney podcasts, so I’ll keep you all posted on that as to which ones and when so you can tune in and hear me ramble 🙂 Also, we’re staying at Newport Bay Club which we’ve not stayed at before…we went there last time during a character hunt (us hunting them down for photos!) and were amazed at the look of it and the number of characters there and who all was there. So we’ve got 4nights at NPBC (or NBC) and 2nights at New York Hotel which we WERE at last time and really enjoyed it. On certain nights Mickey comes in and gets everyone into a dance party and he’s got some pretty hot moves himself I must say!

We did Buffallo Bill’s last time too (this was 2007 I think) but it’ll be different now as Mickey & Pals are in the show; I don’t know how MUCH of it has changed because of this but we really enjoyed it last time…plus the fact they serve cornbread is a PLUS with me 🙂

What gets me is that WDW is the only park that does PhotoPass!!!! It is such a GREAT thing, especially for families and every park should have this program. It’s not like its NEW and they are testing the waters, it’s been around a good few years now…from at least 2006 as we used it during that trip. We always edit some of our pics and order the CDs and have our photos taken by every PP CM we see!! Sometimes a few times during the day just to be sure to get a GREAT shot.

We’ve also pretty much got our Disney Christmas all booked up too, we were up past 11pm last night working out where all we wanted to eat at! We’ll be arriving a few days before the rest of my husband’s family (we’ll all meet up the day before we all leave on the Disney Cruise) and we’re staying at The Carribean Beach in one of their Pirate Themed rooms which we’ve never done before so that is AWESOME! After the cruise we’ll all be setting up camp at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with the rooms that look out onto the Savanah!! Being a big animal lover, I’m SO excited about this!! We’re also gonna do the Sunrise Safari which is the Kilimanjaro Safari before the park opens with a Park Ranger driving the jeep, stopping the vehicle and telling us all about the animals…no saving Little Red this time!

Plus we plan to be eatting in some of our FAVE WDW restaurants again such as Le Cellier, Yak & Yeti, Whispering Canyon Cafe and 50s Prime Time Cafe…PLUS, thanks to Lou Mongello, I now know of the existance of the Carrot Cake Cookies at the Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!

I hate that we’ll be missing the 2010 F&W Festival in EPCOT but I can always hope for next year!!


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