Ribbet, Ribbet

I’ve never really been much for meeting face characters, even the Princesses…BUT, I’m actually excited to be meeting Princess Tiana and Prince Naveem. Maybe it’s just the Southerner in me, who knows.

I really liked Princess and the Frog…back to 2D animation, a Princess in the South of America…evidently placed about 7hrs away from where I’m from; one that was not born into royalty with a silver spoon in her mouth, but one who made her own way to royalty and still kept her dream (and day job) of owning a restaurant. I think she is a TRUE role model for young girls everywhere (and I hope that their mothers are also their role model, but all kids also look to ‘celebs’ when they are young…its usually only when we are older we realise what true heroes our parents are).

I could also get political here but won’t…I don’t want to risk offending anyone or anything like that…but I WILL say that it’s great that Disney finally has an African-American Princess. I think the other non-caucasian Princesses are Mulan, Jasmine and Pocahontas…is that it?

Also, I can’t remember where I read or saw this but with the goodies come the baddies and the Villan from P&TF is also around 🙂 He was pretty cool!

Dr. Facilier


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