Disneyland Resort Paris Trip Report (Part 1 – Food)

Food Glorious Food! Well, where else would I start this report?? Firstly I want to advise you to book your park ADRs as early as possible and Dinning Plan, Dinning Plan, Dinning Plan. The Dinning Plan is a wonderful thing that will save you money especially when there is a special deal going on.

Okay so on our first day at DLRP we had a dinner ADR (Advanced Dinning Reservation) at Cafe Mickey which is a family favorite of ours, we always eat there. It is one of our favorite places to eat as it’s so bright and colorful, the food is delicious and of course they have Character Meals (where as you eat various Disney Characters roam around visiting tables to sign autographs and pose for photos) As it was also the day after my son’s birthday we had a little surprise for him as well šŸ™‚

Cafe Mickey in Disney Village

We’ve not had dinner there in a long time, if ever…we usually go for breakfast or sometimes lunch. So as I skim over the menu I’m thinking, oh my…what do I want to eat?? Surprisingly as there wasn’t anything that really jumped off the menu at me. Which actually isn’t unusual…I’m not an overly picky eater but when I go somewhere like this for a meal I want to get something I know I will like but that will be different to what I can eat at home. So I opt for the Chip & Dale’s Fish & Chips…yes I have this at home as well but not like this šŸ™‚ Tender white cod, beer battered and deep-fried, served with french fries and tartar sauce.

Chip & Dale's Fish & Chips

My husband had Pluto’s Steak which was Butcher’s cut of steak, grilled, shallot sauce served with french fries

Pluto's Steak

Our next ADR took us to another fave spot of ours which is located inside the Disneyland Hotel, Innoventions. We’ve been here in the past for the Character Dinner Buffet and have never been disappointed. The Characters are always very pleasant and spend good time with each table and are very playful with the children and the food…wow. Ok most of it are things I don’t particularly like but the items there that I will eat are LOVELY.

hot meal spread

We went to Innoventions twice this holiday and both times had a lovely meal and experience. I suggest booking for this restaurant nice and early and the earlier dinner time the better to beat the crowd because when there are fewer people dinning, the characters have more time to spend visiting at each table. In the past we’ve had Chip, Dale and Pinocchio sit down with our son and cut his food, feed him and play hide and seek with him. The kids also get a little ‘gift’ which is a nice added feature.

Innoventions is a place that you really have to experience for yourself…the buffet menu is always changing but always delicious and the characters have a good rotation. Plus as it’s on an upper level of the Disneyland Hotel, from the window seats you can see out into the park.

We also love going to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show. Recently they’ve added Mickey & Friends to the show but they do not take away from the story of Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull. You sit in a rodeo stadium and are split into four teams each of which are given a cowboy hat with the teams color ribbon around it. Children are served first which is good and then the adults are given chilli as a starter. All the food is served to you from a pot and into your iron skillet plate and bowl. The main usually consists of a sausage, bbq chicken, baby potatoes and short ribs. Also you have a bowl of cornbread and tortilla chips.

Buffalo Bills

After the story of the wild west, which includes the use of live horses, bulls and buffalo, the teams break out into games and you are encouraged by your teams Rodeo Clown to cheer for your team and even take part.

Us at Buffalo Bills

The last two trips to DLRP we’ve also enjoyed a lunch buffet at The Lucky Nugget Saloon which is just inside Frontierland. They normally have a good spread from salads to hot dishes and of course…the Characters. There is table seating down on the floor in front of the stage (there used to be a show here but not anymore) and the rest of you sit at bars surrounding the area.

The Luckey Nugget

The food here is good as well but sometimes, like at a lot of buffets, you’ll go up and hardly anything will be available so you have to wait for more dishes to be brought out. Although I do like eating there I don’t feel its anything spectacular but the food is nice and its right in the park so once you are done, its back onto the rides.

We stop in again at Cafe Mickey’s for breakfast on Day 6. It is a nice buffet breakfast that has bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, baby potatoes, cereals, pastries, fruit and more. This is my favorite place to eat breakfast at DLRP. Don’t get me wrong the breakfasts at the hotels is also nice but it is a basic continental spread…by this point I wanted something hot! And yet again, characters! In the past when we’ve had breakfast here Mickey and Minnie can be seen in their chefs outfits, but this time it was normal attire.

Ok so here we are at our last ADR of our trip…Walt’s Restaurant on Main Street USA. When booking our ADRs thought “well we’ve never been there before, let’s check it out”. We knew that if we got lucky and landed a window seat we could watch the parade go past, so we arrived about 15mins early in hopes of getting lucky. Sure enough we got our window seat but before we could sit down we had to explore this gala of Disney history. Each room had a different theme and was lavished with artists rendering of buildings and rides as well as statues, photos of Walt and just superb theming throughout each room.

Walt's Restaurant

So we got seated and my husband immediately starts to set up the video camera to record the Once Upon A Dream Parade and boy did we have a view for it! Especially since the floats in this parade are HUGE, seeing it from just above was WONDERFUL.

Once I opened my menu I saw right away what Starter I wanted…Duck Fois Gras with Plum Compote! WOW was it perfect!! I could eat this dish from Walt’s everyday!!

Duck Fois Gras with Plum Compote

My husband had prawns wrapped in potato lattice which he said was very delicious. During our Starter we enjoyed watching the parade below…I could not eat my fois gras slow enough, I did not want it to run out.

For our mains, I had a beef medallion with seasoned baby potatoes and my husband had the t-bone steak with a baked potato…we swapped our potatoes as his came with creme fraiche and chives and he wasn’t too fond of that. I was glad too because it was LOVELY!

T-Bone Steak with Baked Potato

Our meal starts to wind down and it’s time for desert…mmmmmmmmmmmm.

New York Cheesecake

We also ate at Annette’s which is in the Disney Village and the Blue Lagoon Restaurant which is located next to the Pirates of the Carribean ride and sits you inside the ride itself.

I’ve always enjoyed eatting at Annette’s as its a cute little 50’s Dinner and every so often the staff stop and dance to Grease Lightning. This time I tried a new dish called Annette’s Greatest Hits which includes a Mini Chilli Cheese Dog, a Mini Cheeseburger and a Mini NYC Club.

Greatest Hits

Too full for afters, we decide to go back another day just for desert!

Mark's Banana Split

For our last meal at Disneyland Resort Paris we go to The Blue Lagoon which seats you inside the POTC ride.

The decor and theming was GREAT but the menu was….odd. We were so concerned making sure there was something our son would eat, he’s very picky…we didn’t look at the adult menu assuming we’d be ok. Yeah…we should’ve looked. It mostly consists of various fish, ostrich, veal, octopus, prawns and other exotic items.

We opted for the Roasted Blue Shark…something neither of us had ever eatten before and everything else didn’t really appeal to us. My husband liked it just fine as he loves seafood, I found it too fishy. I know, its shark! But i’m not much one for seafood but I knew I could eat this whereas other things on the menu I had serious doubts about.

Roasted Blue Shark with Caramalised Bananas and Veg

So that is it…my blog on the food at Disneyland Resort Paris from our 2010 trip. Are ya hungry now?? šŸ™‚


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