14wks to go now!

Tomorrow marks just 14 weeks until we leave for WDW and a Disney Cruise. SO can not wait!! There’s a few perks to being on holiday over the holidays…one of which is not having to put up a Christmas tree! We plan on taking one or two small gifts for our son to open on Christmas morning while at sea on the Disney Wonder (I think that’s the ship we’ll be on) and otherwise Christmas will be all the shopping we do while at the parks.

I love going on cruises…if I could do it each year I so would! I’ve been on two cruises before with my parents (Cruise One Bookings) and younger brother but I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise (Mouse Fan Travel) I think we’re all planning to book a swimming session with dolphins while at port as well as other great things. If I’m looking at the right cruise on the website, our ports of call are Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and of course Castaway Cay. I’m looking at port excurssions to do and one thing I’d like to do is to eat at Margaritaville again. I ate there on my last cruise with my parents and its lovely! My son has been going on and on about wanting to ride a horse and I did see a thing where you can ride horses along a beach…these are all just ideas at the moment. Just looking around to see what’s available.

I’m looking forward to getting some cruiseline pins for my collection, as well as buying more at the parks of course. I’ve not been at WDW at Christmas/New Years before and am really looking forward to experiencing that and seeing the Osborne Christmas Lights. We were in DLRP at Christmas time back in 1999 though, before we knew what we know now 😛


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