Disney & Halloween

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been SO long since my last post! Sorry readers…there hasn’t been much Disney news on my end to blog about and I didn’t want to just rehash what other sites had posted, so…

But I couldn’t pass up the chance to blog about my favorite holiday…HALLOWEEN!! My first Disney Halloween was, I think, 2005…and we went to DLRP where there was a war going on between the Pink Witches and the Pumpkin-Head Men.

I'm in a witch's cauldron

This was my son’s first trip to any Disney park and I think it was the best place to go for him. DLRP is so much smaller than WDW (I can’t compare with DLR because as of writting this I’ve not been there yet) and is a great size for smaller children. There is less ground to cover for one thing so he didn’t get as worn out as he has at WDW. I wish I could spend Halloween at a Disney Park every year.

Ok so, aside from the awesome decorations…

The parade kicked @$$. The floats and dancers were just great and the music!!! OMG! We were singing the parade song constantly and luckily we found the CD in one of the shops with it on there and like 4-5 remix versions. I can’t find my video of the parade…its somewhere (must be on a DVD)…but here is a photo slide using the parade music. Anyway so this parade song called “It’s Halloween-lo-ween” is like my Halloween theme song now and I LOVE IT!!!!

Also, we found Minnie in her space outfit outside the Videopolis and had our photo taken with her…we’ve never seen her in this since in either park.

In 2009 we went to WDW for Halloween and for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This was our 2nd Disney Halloween and our 1st MNSSHP.

Entrance to MK

We flew out of London straight to Orlando and onto a Magical Express bus. Once we got sorted out at Port Orleans we got into our Halloween costumes and went to Magic Kingdom for the party. We were awake for nearly 26hrs straight. I think we each got some sleep on the plane but not much due to all the excitement. Poor Gage, our son, finally just fell asleep waiting for the parade that night and the dancers and people handing out candy kept coming up to him going like “oh poor little fella” and put extra candy in his bag that he was still holding onto for dear life.

Gage passed out in my lap

It was a great event, great Trick or Treating and we managed to catch Mickey in his Toon Town Judge’s Tent for photos with him and Minnie in their Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween 2009

The Boo To You Parade was awesome…although I don’t know why there’s a barn with the big chicken in it…sorry can’t think of her name right now. I loved the Haunted Mansion part with the ghost dancers and the gravediggers with their shovels spinning on Main Street making sparks, and of course the three hitchiking ghosts which were people moving as animatronics…awesome.

It was so cool to see other people’s costumes and enjoy Mickey and all his pals dressed up as well. My family is big on Disney and I’m big on Halloween…I love the combo, just wish we could go to Disney for Halloween every year…even if its just DLRP.


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