What’s HapPINing?

Ok, ok…I’ll admit I stole my title from another pin website…I just can’t remember which one…but it’s cool.

Ok so as I’m getting caught up with the Disney Pincast by John Rick I wanted to share my thoughts on some new, upcoming and old pins.

The first ones I want to talk about are the “Mystery Collection – Walt Disney World® Attraction Ride Vehicles”

"Mystery Collection - Walt Disney World® Attraction Ride Vehicles"

These were released on the 21st October 2010 and retail at $15.95 and there are 2000 available. I like these because they feature some of the most memorable vehicle rides, mostly with the people they showcase…however, yes…it does irritate me that STITCH is on the flying carpet instead of GENIE!!! Hello!! McFly!!! I could also say something about Jack being with the Doom Buggy but I know that is due to the Nightmare Before Christmas layover and such, so…I’ll just say ‘meh’.

I love the stained glass pins although I don’t think I own any…so when I saw these “Mosaic – Mystery Series” it was like WOW.

"Mosaic - Mystery Series"

Sadly the likelihood of me getting my hands on these is small because it is an edition size of just 500 (retailing at $45.95) but I shall try. 🙂

I love the Haunted Mansion Magazine collection but have yet to get my hands on any 😦 Sure there are some I’d choose over some others but the full set would be awesome to have. This month is the newest ‘issue’ “Haunted Mansion® Magazines – Gus’ Bizarre”

The magazine cover reads "Be Proud of your Shroud: Scarily Easy Fashion Suggestions, Phantoms at the Opera: The Funeral's Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings! Simply Spooky Styles!"

The retail on this is just $12.95 and edition size 2500.

Now I’m sure you’ve noticed the CMs have little squares of material with a few pins on and it now we can have our own “hip lanyards”! These won’t be released until November but they are cool, I think. They will retail between $24.95 to $29.95 and comes with a hip lanyard with special retractable clip and four pins.

"Hip Lanyard Starter Set - Disneyland® Resort"

* Mickey Mouse with Sleeping Beauty Castle
* Donald Duck at Matterhorn Bobsleds Attraction
* Goofy at The Haunted Mansion Attraction
* Minnie Mouse at Space Mountain Attraction

"Hip Lanyard Starter Set - Stitch"

* Stitch Growling
* Stitch Playing the Ukelele
* Stitch with Pointed Ears
* Stitch Jumping

"Nerds Rock! - Hip Lanyard Starter Set"

* Pluto – Science Rocks
* Mickey Mouse – Nerds Rock
* Stitch – Mickey Formula
* Minnie Mouse – I Love Nerds!

Moving on … From November 26 through December 30, 2010, Epcot will be transformed into an international celebration of Yuletide traditions filled with festive decorations and live entertainment. Celebrate the holiday season with the characters, legends and lore from around the globe.

"Epcot® Holidays Around the World 2010 - D23 Exclusive"

This limited edition pin will be sold exclusively to D23 Members and features a Mickey Mouse shaped wreath. The pin includes a pin-on-pin element and jewel attachments. However, D23 Members must present a valid Member ID in order to purchase this pin. The pin will be available at Pin Central inside Epcot. I DEFINATELY wanna get my hands on this as we’ll be in WDW over the holidays. Umm, retail is $19.95 and limited to 1500.

Now for a little bit of moaning…I just do not like these DVD Release Pins. I’m not sure exactly WHY but I just do not like them…they seem tackey to me in a way. These are the ones I mean…

"Disney Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue DVD Release"

I liked the earlier ones they had where it was a hinged case with the disk inside but this TV/DVD Combo thing I just don’t like. But I’ll tell you that this one is limited to 1500 and retails at $11.95

Ok now on to something that is near and dear to my heart…the Mickey Mouse Club 🙂 Ok so what if I wasn’t alive to catch the original!! I was here for the third time around and was a big fan.

1989 MMC

Running for five years and having seven seasons, this is the Club I ‘grew up with’. It produced a lot of todays celebs including Britney, Christina, Justin, Ryan Gosling, JC Chasez, Keri Russell and loads more. But whether it was “The All New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC)” or the original with Annette and Bobby…I love MMC and love having stuff of that has to do with it…including my official MMC letterman jacket my Mom got for me on Christmas in 1992 thanks to a friend of hers who was the manager of the Disney Store in the Riverchase Galleria at the time. Anyway…back to the pins

"Mickey Mouse Club 55th Anniversary"

This was released at the end of September retailing for just $9.95 and limited to 1500…I’d love to get my hands on one as I think it’s just great.

"It All Started With Walt - Boxed Set - Mickey Mouse Club" (2006)

This is lovely as well. Released back in 2006 and shows Mickey, Minnie and Goofy in the original Mouseketeer outfits. 🙂 Plus the lid of the box is designed like an old television set to add even more detail.

"T-Shirt Series - Mickey Mouse Club" (2007)

So on that note all I have to say is…M-I-C…see you real soon K-E-Y…why? because we like you M-O-U-S-E


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