“Disney On Ice – 100 Years of Magic” Review

This past Sunday we hopped into the car and went to the O2 Arena where we saw Disney On Ice – 100 Years of Magic and I wanted so share some of it with you. After we bought our lot of merchandise…which there wasn’t much of really…we had a walk around and had breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s as although our tickets said 11am show time, a staff person told us that was door time…so figuring we’d get out a good bit later than planned we thought we’d have some food so we didn’t come out starving. However, as we made our way back to the main entrance the doors were opened at 10am. *glare* Trust your tickets not staff.

First as everyone was let into the arena to get to their seats, we made our way upstairs to the Sky Backstage Area (we were there before GnR) where we had our photo taken (free), the face painting line was full so Gage missed out on that (free) but did get to go into the 3D room where you can play instruments and watch yourself in 3D (free). It’s just a lovely place to hang out before a show without the plastic seats and noisey crowds.


Gage the Rock Star

Gage the Celebrity

So when the time came we left the posh VIP area and headed to our seats which weren’t bad I must say. Last time we saw The Incredibles on Ice and we were 2nd row on the floor…I mean WOW! But these were pretty decent too.

Mickey, Minnie and Goofy come out to welcome us all to their celebration and then Donald comes out on a zamboni with Chip & Dale tagging along, literally.



“Once upon a time in Hollywood, a young man sat down at his desk and penciled a little drawing that changed the course of show-business history. The man was Walt Disney. The drawing was of a mouse who’d come to be known as Mickey. The world watched and laughed and wept and cheered, and today we celebrate The Magical World of Disneyon Ice.” (program inlay)

The gang engaged in their normal silliness until Donald runs over something and the zamboni breaks down. The obstructing object is rescued which introduces the next section of the show….


It's Genie Time!!

Yup…the object Donald ran over was Genie’s lamp! Aladdin climbed down the castle set and set Genie free. They performed “never had a friend like me” in amazing ways. I mean LOOK at ALL those GENIES!

After Genie was finished showing off he discovered a tiny submarine which brought us to our next portion of the celebration…

Bruce, Marlin and Dori

These costumes were wonderful, especially Bruce’s. I can only imagine how hard it was for the two people inside to navigate him. They narrowed the film down nicely; brief search for Nemo including meeting Dori and the sharks, then Marlin leaving Dori and Dori finding Nemo. Would’ve been nice to see a few more characters but it was really good.

Mickey and Minnie come out for “A Rose is A Rose”, a little romantic splice to introduce Beauty & the Beast.

Along with Mrs Potts, Chip, Lumière, Cogsworth and the Featherduster, Belle and the Beast give a summary of the story as Belle enters the West Wing discovering the rose and enraging the Beast. After they’ve made up and realised they are in love, Gaston makes his entrance and attacks the Beast…however, Gaston’s plan backfire as the Beast then re-emerges as a Prince! He and Belle then skate to their theme song and welcome in Disney’s other Princesses and Princes.

Belle & her Prince

Cinderella & Prince Charming

Ariel & Eric

Jasmine & Aladdin

Pocahontas & John Smith

Snow White & The Prince

The one Princess I was surprised to not see there was Aurora…Sleeping Beauty.

I was like WOAH! Where’s Aurora?!

So enough of the mushy, the boys in the audience were ready for some action! Sure enough our next group can provide that!


I don’t know but I’ve been told…Marching on ice is mighty cold!

The Green Army Men bring in a mysterious package while Woody makes his entrance. Before long Buzz pops out and gets acquanted with Woody before Jesse joins the party. Now in my program, Woody is a face character but in the show we saw he had a head mask.


You've Got a Friend in Me

Also during one twist Woody took a fall but played it off very well.

Again, it would’ve been nice to see a couple more characters from this movie…My son really wanted to see Zurg for instance.

Moving on from timeless films to a timeless ride. That’s right, this wasn’t all about the movies ya know. Disney also created a ride that is enjoyed, loved and that the music of which gets stuck inside all of our heads. Yes, It is a Small World (after all).

My son’s face when the castle set opened up to look like the outside of Its a Small World was priceless but I’d have blinded him to get a photo of it.

Out came sets and skaters dressed to represent various countries, each of which took the spotlight with their country’s music.

Afterwards it all went dark and the sets lit up like in the finale of the ride. Mickey joined in as well bobbing along in an air balloon.







This then marked the point for intermission. Mickey and his marching band welcomed us back after the nice break.

After a lovely sing along of the Mickey March and holding our banners high…an unwelcomed visitor came along…

Rocker Stitch

Which lead to a talk of knowing right from wrong and who knows about that most…none other than Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio!!

Mickey & Jiminy...two LEGENDS!

From the Fairy Godmother to Honest John and Gideon to Monstro who does indead swallow Geppetto and Pinocchio had to rescue him.

One thing that I also  loved was when Pinocchio lied to his Fairy Godmother, his nose did indeed grow!

Moving on from learning right and wrong we learn about honour with Mulan.

taking her father's place in the army

Before our eyes, Mulan transforms from a lovely lady to a rough army ‘man’ as training began for the war.










Next we were inline for some entertainment of INCREDIBLE porpotions.

This part of the show was funny…Edna Mode showed off her lovely creations in their outfits and how they work with each individual. Dash dashed across the ice so fast! Violet’s clothes even disappeared when she did! Elastigirl’s arms stretched to an amazing length and Mr Incredible of course had to show off his moves to “I’m Too Sexy”.

Pumba & Timon

Simba & Nala

Next we put our behinds in the past…I mean the past behind us and sang a litte Hakuna Matata with Timon and Pumba before Simba and Nala got reaquainted with Can You Feel The Love Tonight. I can only say that the person in the Pumba costume was great as they were using their legs and arms for all four of his feet. Timon was funny as normal as well.


Simba and Nala were very light on their feet showing just now nimble big cats are…even on ice.




Finale Parade


After it was all over everyone came out for a big good-bye. The people who had the two floor seats were allowed to get up and greet the characters which was nice. Gage wanted to but we were on the first tier so couldn’t but I told him that we’d be seeing all of them in a few weeks anyway and he said he knew that and smiled.








After the show we had lunch at Frankie & Benny’s and even enjoyed some of the little fun fair that had popped up while we were inside the arena. 🙂

Gage on a Harley Davidson

Gage & I on the Twister






3 thoughts on ““Disney On Ice – 100 Years of Magic” Review

  1. Great post & pictures!
    Could you please tell me what the full length of the show was? I am going to one with my boyfriend and I want to make dinner reservations for after the show.
    Thank you!

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