Your Mousecast Podcast

I’m so excited because I’ve been asked to co-host this English-based podcast and their new live radio show.

I was on Episode #5 talking about my latest trip to DLRP and had a blast. So when Alan contacted me about helping out while Chris and Steve are both in WDW I jumped at the chance. So this podcast that I’ll be on next (episode 10 I think) will be released on Wednesday, November 3rd. It can be downloaded from iTunes and the website. On the podcast there is the Alpha Quiz that you can join in with. Each week there are questions featuring a certain letter of the alphabet…Example: Which ‘D’ flies around Fantasyland? A) Dumbo…you get the idea (I hope). So listen in to hear this week’s questions and email in your answers for the chance to win an Alpha Quiz trophy!

The Mousecast Live Radio Show is aired on the United Kingdom Radio…just click on ‘Listen’ at 9pm on Sunday October 31st and Sunday November 7th. If you miss it Live, it can be downloaded or listened too off the website as they are recorded. We will be doing some listener questions so just email into the show and give us your Disney questions!


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