WDW/Cruise Countdown

In 17 days we leave for WDW then a Disney Cruise then WDW again! Can’t wait. This will be my first Christmas at WDW and we’ll be on the Disney Wonder for Christmas Day and back in the parks for NYE. How exciting! The last time we were at Disney around Christmas time was in 1999 and that was Disneyland Paris and we didn’t have our wonderful son then either. Nor were we as informed about Disney like we are now.

One downside is that we noticed the other night on our e-ticket that BA has reduced the luggage limit from the UK to the US to one case each! So instead of having extra room for shopping and such we’re gonna have to really be fussy with our packing and buying.

We’ve got our Pirate costumes for Pirate night on the ship, hubby has his pins ready but I still have to do mine and our son’s even though he says he doesn’t care to take them he does love to buy and trade them so we’ll sort out one of his lanyards. Not sure whether to wear my fave dragon lanyard or my Friday 13th Phantom Manor one…Although I’m leaning more to my Dragon purely because my PM is from Paris and I’m gonna use it for my PM/HM pins whereas my Dragon is more general. Plus the weight on it that matches the design is awesome…its a red dragon all tangled up into a Mickey Icon.










I’m SO looking forward to getting more pins and vinyls! I’m going to get a big black Vinyl and have all the baddies sign it with a silver Sharpie. Earlier this year in DLP my husband got a big white Vinyl and had everyone he could sign it and the result was awesome! Even got most of the Princesses. My one will have to go with us each trip to get as many baddies as I can on it as they are a bit hard to come by when it’s not Halloween season. They’ll all be ‘bahumbug’ing in their lairs keeping warm.

Still no luck on booking a meal at Le Cellier though 😦 Will try on the day, get there in the morning and see. But we’ve got loads of ADRs booked anyway. Just gotta be sure to wrap up warm cuz once that Florida sun goes down it’s gonna be coooooooooold.


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