Two Sleeps Till Disney!

We are pretty much packed and ready to go! Hope we have everything…got ADRs booked, got park hours (and EMHs) noted in our iPhones. Got all the electricals (cameras, etc)…we ‘should’ be ok…if not we’ll make the neccessary purchases while there…I mean we’ll be buying stuff anyway. 10day weather forcast says mid70s in the day and mid40s at night so hopefully we’ve got enough to keep us nice and warm as both hubby and son are getting over bad colds.

Once there I’m gonna get a 9″ black Vinylmation to get as many baddies sign it as possible. We’re also gonna see about Mickey Santa hats and if they can do names on them. Anyone know about this at all?

In our ADRs, we’ve got some places booked that we’ve never eatten at before like Via Nappoli and Ohana but also some faves like 50s Prime Time and Whispering Canyon to name just a couple. Plan to make the Photo Pass Photographers be sick of us as we’ll have SO many PP photos done as we always buy the CD with all on it.

So be expecting a very long and detailed report when I get back in the new year đŸ™‚


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