Snow Sorrows

We left our house at 6am yesterday, all packed, excited and ready to arrive at MCO and get aboard the ME to WDW! Got there a good hour early, got checked in, bags dropped off and headed through security. All things were going VERY smoothly and quite fast actually. We made our way to our usualy Gatwick breakfast stop the Armadillo Cafe & Grill and had some good ol’ American pancakes.

Maple & Bacon Pancakes w/ Scrambled Eggs

My husband, son and I grabbed some seats in the lounge near an info screen as our Gate had not been opened yet and we took turns going around the shops getting some last minute bits.

Our gate was due to open at 10.50am, it then changed to 10.40am…cool! Then it was changed to 11.05am…hmmmm. 11o’clock rolls around and I check the website as I’m hearing more and more people talk about long delays and cancellations. Sure enough, said that our flight had been cancelled.

My husband goes up to the info desk to see what is going on and was told to go down to baggage reclaim and collect our checked bags. So my son and I go there and wait for our bags along with a bunch of other people from cancelled flights while my husband gets in line at the BA desk to try and get tickets for the next day while his mom looked online at her home for other options. After a good 2hrs, maybe longer, my mother in-law managed to find us tickets with Virgin Atlantic for Monday morning. While my husband was waiting in the longest line I’ve ever seen and over heard a family booking their best offer on the 29th (we were due to leave on the 18th!) and a single traveller getting Tuesday, we took the Monday tickets and started to head home.

If we’d known how the roads were we might’ve stayed at a nearby hotel but didn’t really want to stay in a hotel for two nights. We never passed any wrecks, just very cautious drivers and congestion…a drive that took us only an hour and a half eight hours earlier now took us nearly four hours. So nearly 12hrs after we left our home which was normal…we now returned to snow covered roads. While on the road we got word that Gatwick had reopened the runways…WHY BA couldn’t just have noted our flight as delayed by 4-6hrs and gave a ‘sorry’ it was fully cancelled. So after stopping at the nearby gas station to get some dinner, we got in about 5.30pm after keeping each other awake on the road while our little one slept most of the way in the backseat. We both took some Nytol and went to bed about 8pm.

Woke up about 8am today (Sunday) NOT in my Pirate themed bed at Carribean Beach but in my own bed at home with loads of snow still outside taunting me. Grrrrrrr…I got dressed and walked to a nearby shop to get us some food for the day as we literally had nothing in the house but Coke and Frosted Flakes…not a good combo I’d bet. On the way home, I did enjoy the sight of the snow, its lovely whiteness and the crunch under my feet. Don’t get me wrong, under normal circumstances I love snow…I’d rather have snow in the winter time than rain…but NOT when I’m due to fly!! As I enjoyed the sights I took a few photos as I walked down the neighborhood streets back to my house and saw THIS little fella joining in the taunts!

Wrought Iron Mickey

OKAY…its not really or exactly a Hidden Mickey but it was close enough to taunt me on my way home.

So today we’re just chillin’ at home…trying to keep our minds off of what we’re missing, checking the airline and airport websites for updates. We’re more upset than our son is…which in its own way is a good thing (parents will understand). But we’re just hoping that we will be on our way tomorrow…at least Virgin has a better movie selection than BA and comfier seats!


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