I’m Out of the Box! (My Experience at the 2011 D23 Expo)

Wow!  I just got back to the hotel after Day 2 at the Anaheim Convention Centre for the 2011 D23 Expo and just, wow. Now you may be wondering, like many people at the expo, what do I mean by ‘out of the box’. Well, we listen to a Disney podcast each week called WDW Radio by the wonderful Lou Mongello and when he is at events such as this he takes along his laptop and cameras and runs a live video through UStream. On these streams there is also a live chat box for those who are unable to attend but want to be a part of it, they/we are called The Box People (because we are ‘in’ a chat box). Now that I’m actually AT the event I’ve escaped the box!! Mark did up some name badges for us box people who got out and gave them to Lou to hand out and he LOVED them as did his followers.

Well apart from Mark spending obscene amounts of money at the expo (and there is still Sunday to go), Gage has been playing upcoming video games and racing with the RideMakerz at their booth and I’ve been meeting people.

I’ll give a recap later but now Gage wants to hit the pool


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