Food & Wine? Don’ mind if I do.

Soooo…we were told we ‘are’ going to be on the and have paid a deposit to our wonderful Mouse Fan Travel Agent Vicki to reserve our stateroom. Mark had the idea to make travelling easier by going to the resort/park first for a few days and get the Magical Express to the ship’s port from the resort (rather than flying in, staying somewhere for one night and making our own way to the port). Once we knew this was the plan it occured to him that we could be there ON Halloween! Which of course would be heaven for me as I LOVE Halloween, especially Halloween at Disney! Looking AGAIN at the dates, we could ALSO do EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival!

We did the F&W back in 2009 and loved it! We tossed Gage into a double sized stroller so he could relax, it was our last day at the parks and it’d be a lot of walking around EPCOT, and just walked from country to country trying some of their featured foods. Not so much the wine though as neither of us really do wine, so we just had water to ‘cleanse our pallets’ between each sampler.

This time however we WON’T have Gage with us (our chance for an adult only Disney trip) which means we can have some alcohol as its not all wine. It’s gonna be so strange not having Gage with us at Disney though. But it’ll have its benefits like not having to argue because he doesn’t want to go on a ride with us or eatting where we what not just where has something he’d eat or being embarrassed because he refuses to meet a character when we’re meeting them (usually a Princess…only female he’ll go near is Marie because she’s a cat).



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