Disney Meet Ups

So yesterday we attended another London Pin Meet/Trade event. I guess there was a good ten of us that met up in front of the Disney Store in Westfield Mall in London (Shepards Bush) and after buying up all their pins that were realsed that morning, we headed to a little cafe set up in the centre of the mall. We sat out all of our pins and Vinyls along a table and began to Ooh & Aah at each others collections.

It was nice to see the pin gang again and do some swaps, Mark more so than I, although I did trade for a pin for one of his Christmas presents and Gage a big Stitch with a glittery American Flag. 🙂

After this event went to Oxford Circus area for a meet with the London WDW Radio group. We had the downstairs floor of Candy Cakes all to ourselves and had some cake, a raffle and skyped with Lou Mongello of WDW Radio of course! From the raffle Mark won a lovely framed pin set, I got a 2004 Not So Scary pin and Gage won a £10 gift voucher for the Disney Store. It was lovely to meet new people and swap stories and holiday plans. From there we all headed to the Oxford Street Disney Store, to which I was the ‘tour guide’ holding up the D23 Expo fan to be sure everyone could see where we were heading. Emma, the events coordinator, had organised a group tour of the store which was fab. We were all given paper Mickey & Minnie ears, had a lovely group photo in front of the new Lion King display and were taken all around the store with lots of nifty interactive things pointed out to us as we went along. We played with the enchanted mirror which shows you your favorite Princess when you wave her wand in front of it and learned how to draw Simba.

It really was a lovely but tiring day out and I look forward to next time.


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