Adults Only Trip!

Yeah…Mark and I are going to have our first Disney trip w/out Gage this Oct/Nov since he was born. It’s gonna be so strange, not having him around with us though. No arguing on if he’ll go on a ride or not, having to scan each menu for something he’ll eat before going in, stopping at every restroom as we pass them, being difficult about not wanting to meet certain Characters…yeah, gonna be so hard on us 😦

Nah we will definitely miss his presence this trip. We’re having a few days in WDW Parks before boarding the lovely and luxurious Disney Dream Cruise Ship with Lou Mongello & Gang along with several hundred WDW Radio friends for four days. We are so excited about this trip and I hope it goes better than our WDW cruise we did over Christmas holidays 2010. Nothing wrong with the cruise itself mind but our trip to Florida was delayed by 2days due to snow in England which emotionally drained us…we were meant to leave on Saturday and after being at the airport for a good 3hrs (wait time for international flights) we heard our flight had been cancelled…we finally arrived back home 12hrs after leaving for the airport. Booked a flight for Monday and as we woke Mark got a text saying that one was cancelled too and he just broke down into tears. It was to be the first Christmas we’d all have without his Dad who passed a few months earlier, the main reason for doing a Disney Christmas/New Year, and it was just too much. Anyway, to make an already long story shorter, we did manage to fly out on Monday and finally arrived at our Pirate Themed room at Carribean Beach around 2am FL time…meaning we’d been up 26hrs as we just could not sleep on the plane for some obserd reason. So we went into this trip exhausted and drained and I for one never got my rest and energy caught up, I was tired nearly all the time. Then once on the ship where we met up with Mark’s family, our niece came down with a tummy bug which was lovingly passed on to her father and myself. Our day on Castaway Cay was a let down because I felt so bad I just lied on a sunbed keeping the restroom within eye sight. Because I was still so exhausted from the travel and the parks, I just did not have it in me to enjoy the nightlife on the ship which I really did hate but my body just could not do it. I’d have fell asleep at the bar for sure.

So…hoping this cruise will be a much better and much healthier experience. I know it will be filled with loads of laughs, new friendships, wonderful memories and thousands and thousands of photos!

We will make it up to Gage by taking him to DLRP after April once all the 20th Anniversary celebrations kick off (parades, etc) and new attractions are open. Although he’s so spoilt by our many Disney trips, he’s nothing like the kids you see in the commercials who yell, scream and cry with excitement when told they’re going to Disney World/Land. His reply is a sarcastic “again??”


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