Yes, I said ‘pintastic’…I’ve been listening to the latest Disney Pincast today and wow the pins that have just been released! I want a good few of them! Like I said before, I’m not a BIG collector…I get ones that I like and a park and hotel pin from that trip. Very few I have because they are a collectors edition (this past weekend I was torn between two Chernabog pins and I opted for the Limited Edition 250 one). For instance, I do love HM and this past weekend I got a Mme Leona WDW Re-Opening 2007 Limited 2000 pin because A) I don’t have a Leona pin B) it looked nice C) it was from the re-opening D) it was an LE 2000.

Anyway, the pins released this week that I’d love to get my hands on…

Retro Minnie & Mickey Ear Hats
Sadly these are only available from DLR 😦

MP3 Player – Minnie Mouse








Mickey Mouse Icon – Earth



















Mickey Mouse Icon – Cutouts









Disneyland Park Ticket Book

Now this one I really like but it is of DLR and I’ve never been to DLR (yet) I don’t know if they did these sort of ticket books at WDW way back when but if they did I’d like to have this in WDW format.






Haunted Mansion Magazines
This monthly pin collection features the characters from The Haunted Mansion® Attraction on magazine covers. This pin includes the Bride from the Attic scene on the Murderin’ Bride magazine. The full cover reads, “Fashion Issue! The Happily Forever Afterlife! Fearful Frocks and Supernatural Centerpieces. She’s a Vision in Fright!”

Ok so those are some of the newly released pins that I’d love to get my hands on.  Thanks John & Tom for another great Pincast installment!!


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